Saturday, 17 August 2013

Winter Woolies

Thanks so much for all your kind advice on the perishing vinyl jacket, I shall keep wearing it and enjoy it's trashiness.   Much appreciated!!  Muchas gracias amigos!
This coat came from Two very mischievous but exceptionally lovely Squirrels
Check out that lining! And you probably can't see but it has the most enormous button ever! Just one - like all the other buttons felt inferior and got up and left.
If I could put the pictures of the coat together I would.  But will blogger let me?  No it won't.  Am I bothered?  Not in the least.
 Ok, Awkward, what to do with the hands...oh well.
Home made velvet 1950's dress. This has to be one of my stinkiest purchases.  Gorgeous, but I suspect it had never been washed in it's 60 odd years- that's a lot of compounding body odour people!  I was really nervous that a wash would ruin it - velvet does not always play fair, but I'm stoked with the result.  And so cosy warm for winter.