Saturday, 17 August 2013

Winter Woolies

Thanks so much for all your kind advice on the perishing vinyl jacket, I shall keep wearing it and enjoy it's trashiness.   Much appreciated!!  Muchas gracias amigos!
This coat came from Two very mischievous but exceptionally lovely Squirrels
Check out that lining! And you probably can't see but it has the most enormous button ever! Just one - like all the other buttons felt inferior and got up and left.
If I could put the pictures of the coat together I would.  But will blogger let me?  No it won't.  Am I bothered?  Not in the least.
 Ok, Awkward, what to do with the hands...oh well.
Home made velvet 1950's dress. This has to be one of my stinkiest purchases.  Gorgeous, but I suspect it had never been washed in it's 60 odd years- that's a lot of compounding body odour people!  I was really nervous that a wash would ruin it - velvet does not always play fair, but I'm stoked with the result.  And so cosy warm for winter.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

It was so promising

I much prefer warmer weather but at least the cold provides an opportunity to wear winter coats.

 First outing for my latest op shop find - Family dinner

 Loving the coat

 From all angles

  Open or shut

 Matches the boots

And the Osti dress

 My Grandmother wore Osti - it would have given her a giggle to think it was now one of my favorite 70's labels - it was an inexpensive brand sold at the Farmers Dept Store, but great patterns and colours and polyester all the way - wash and wear heaven.

And then .....

One wear and my new to me $15 jacket was trashed.  
Disintegrating vinyl - is there a way back?

Jacket: Vinyl and funny fake fur fabric, metal zip, 70's - $15 - op shopped
Dress: Osti polyester, 70's - $10 Trademe
Boots: 70's platforms - $20 op shopped

Friday, 31 May 2013

 A little while ago I was lucky enough to visit Academy New Zealand to do a session on vintage clothing for the Fashion and Beauty Retail Class, taught by vintage lover and sweetheart Andrea.  This is their main campus!  Best building eva!!


I had such a good time - the class was amazing - such a lovely group of young women.   They had such a good eye for what would suit them and their tastes were eclectic.  They looked amazing!!  A wee photo shoot followed with me in charge of the camera.  Some of the blurriest photos are the best - I'm posting them anyway - can't let quality get in the way of a good frock!

From Left:  Emily, Onassis, Me, Georgia, Emma, Jess, Kristy, Alice

Jess rocking 1970's leopard!

More 70's heaven with Emily and Onassis

How cute is Emma in 1950's day wear?!!

Jaye looking fabulous in 50's floral!

Taking a rest from all that posing - still looking good though!

This dress looks like it was made for Onassis!

Looking happy and relaxed in 70's kaftans

Their tutor Andrea in the middle xxx

The tree was there - who could resist?

Georgia had the full Marilyn thing going on in an 80's does 50's dress!

Sorry about the sunnies - I'm not really too cool for school!

Kristy looking stunning in electric blue!

I Loved Alice's purple hair and how gorgeous does she look in 1960's pink?!!

Blurriest but sweetest!!
Thanks so much girls!! xxx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Photoshoot with the divine Ms Emily

It's been a long time between blogs and ALOT  has happened - good, bad, mad and sad!
So for the good!  My lovely niece Emily was kind enough to do some modelling for me.  Her brief was to stand still and look fabulous - she achieved both marvelously.  Here she is in a divine 1970's Ossie Clark for Radley dress.   Ahh I love this dress!
I suspect I have ownership issues when it comes to vintage....I really want to keep this dress.....but then I can say that for much of my collection and it is all getting a bit out of hand. 
 You can see the dilemma -  it is a stunner!
The photoshoot was shot in November last year with the help of Martin Sagadin who for a photographer makes a very good March Hare -here he is at Alice's Alice and Wonderland party.  Pictured with myself and other fabulous nieces Ruby (Mad Hatter) and Maggie (White Rabbit).
I'm a point and click kind of woman and didn't feel confident that my approach was going to get me the kind of photos that would do the clothes justice so Martin stepped in to help.

These two dresses came care of the lovely Vanessa and Warren of  the Two Squirrels who have been such a help and inspiration.  You can see what they're up to here
Em''s job was to look fab.  Mine was to faff around with the clothes - my favorite thing!
I'm wearing a home made 1950's cotton floral dress.  One of my absolute fav's, this is a dress I wear and wear.  It has so many issues but I love it.  Before it was new to me it used to have an attached cape and belt which were rather badly removed.  I've repaired it twice and had it professionally repaired once - even so it keeps splitting at the seams.  All that being said it is one of the most comfortable 50's dresses I own and the fabric is to die for.  One of the things I love about vintage clothing is the imperfections, they tell the story of wear and use.